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Critical Illness & Hospital Plans

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Hospital indemnity policies, sometimes called supplemental medical policies, pay a fixed amount for each day you are in the hospital. There may be a limit on the total number of days it will pay for in a calendar year, or a cap on the total number of days it will ever pay. The money you get from this type of policy can be used in any way the insured person wishes. It’s often used for medical costs not paid by the health insurance plan, or the other expenses that families face when one member is ill. These plans are customizable and can also incorporate reimbursements toward other services such as dental, vision, and even expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis!

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Critical Illness / Cancer Insurance

There are other types of policies that offer extra money in case of certain kinds of health problems such as cancer, stroke, heart attack or an accident. They typically cover some part of the expenses that your regular health insurance doesn’t, like deductibles and co-insurance. Others just give you a fixed amount of money if you are diagnosed. You can’t buy these critical-illness policies after you are diagnosed, and there are often limitations and waiting periods. It’s important to understand exactly what the plan will cover, and not rely on this type of policy as your main health coverage. These policies are indemnity policies and DO NOT cover healthcare services like your primary medical plan.

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