Service Detail

When I was in seen

When I was in seen of someone to help me get information about insurance, Crystal was recommended to me. I found that not only was she extremely knowledgeable in many areas, but she went above and beyond helping to make sure I had all the info necessary so I would be able to make an educated decision. She even drew charts for me so I was able to compare items more easily. She always got back to me when I called with any questions and would spend as much time as I needed with her. Crystal is intelligent, friendly, positive and upbeat. She works hard to make sure that her clients are happy, and she stays in communication with you no matter how much time has passed to be sure that you are still in your “happy zone” as far as your policies and possible changes that may occur. I am so happy that Crystal is there to guide me through difficult insurance issues. I highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance in financial or healthcare issues.